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Ihifix Digital Summit for Educators

Ihifix Digital Summit for Educators

"Whether there is pandemic or not, we can't do without keying into the digital space. It is the New Normal"

In partnership with ihifix technologies we held the second edition of the digital summit for educators with the theme “The New Normal: Advancing Edtech in an emerging Knowledge-Based Economy ” The focus area were Rethinking Education; Digital Transformation; Knowledge Based Economy.

The world is evolving to the digital sphere, as Educators, it is important to key into it. During the interactive session, Educators present at the event talked about the challenges they faced during the pandemic, the solution, which was to lecture the students online, and the challenges they encountered.

Educators were also introduced to digital learning platforms that will help them adapt to the new normal of tech-based learning such as MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), learning management system, and school management system.